Essential Oils – Fab or Fad?

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You’ve probably heard the buzz on Essential Oils and I’m going to ramble on a little about them, if you’ll allow me!

I’ve had a rather hit and miss history with EO’s.  I picked up a bottle of Lime on a whim years ago while in a health food store with a friend.  It said it was good for respiratory things, and it did seem to help.  Then, at the beginning of the MLM (multi level marketing) oil craze, I received a little sample vial of a respiratory blend.  I’ve been milking that little vial for years….just a dab under the nose was helpful for stuffiness.  And I love my Vick’s Inhaler, and have been a fan of VapoRub for years.

What stopped me from going further with essential oils?  Frankly, the whole MLM thing.  Often the sellers and her clients are fanatical, and will insist their brand is the only one that is pure and safe.  And then there are controversial methods, including the ‘neat’ (applying oils at full strength) and ‘ingesting’ (filling a capsule with pure oils and taking it like medicine), and ‘raindrop therapy’ (having ‘neat’ oils dripped all over your body).  Miracle recipes for any ailment abound…each containing many oils. Knowing that essential oils were very concentrated, I just didn’t think any of it sounded like a good idea.  That’s a lot for the liver to process, and risks possible sensitization/allergies. The last straw?  The price.  Wowsa, there was no way I could afford that, no matter what info-graphics you post about how it is cheaper than going to the doctor.  Through clean eating, we very rarely are ill, so having some oils might be nice, but not necessary.

However, with the success I had with the oils I did have, I was curious.  I did some online research to see what companies carried decent oil without the MLM.  Some are just as expensive, some are of spurious quality, and then I found ‘just right’.  I’m going to talk on here before revealing my source.

What convinced me about this company?  I looked at their blog, I read through their Facebook.  In these places, they addressed my concerns.  On every product page, they include the warning that oils not be ingested unless you are under a doctor or aromatherapist’s care.  This is not because the oils are not pure, because they are (well, at least they say so, as does EVERY OTHER oil company….there is no entity that regulates oils in the United States…so you are taking their word for it).  They have a dilution chart, and highly suggest that you dilute your oils…not only will they last longer, but they won’t evaporate as quickly, thus providing extended therapy.  They caution you about ‘hot’ oils, and oils not to use during pregnancy or on children.  Their recommendations have been cautious and well thought out. They recommend limited therapy, using the oils like medicine instead of daily, and alternating oils. Finally, the price….I could afford to experiment with a few oils.

A few months ago, I ordered Germ Fighter (like Thieves or On Guard) and Respiratory Blend.  I also purchased some coconut carrier oil and roll on bottles.  Now I was ready for winter (and has it been a doozy!).  At any hint of illness, I’ve applied the diluted Germ Fighter blend to the bottoms of feet, and it has been powerful to knock out illness.  When one managed to sneak by and develop a sneeze or sniffles, I’ve alternated with the respiratory blend, and I’m happy to report that no cold developed into a cough fest this year.  Like I said, we are usually pretty healthy, but we have children, and they are prone to catching at least one cold….and usually we are listening to them cough all night.

I’ve been so pleased that I’m considering adding a few more oils to my stock, and since my purchase the company has added inhalers….so I can make my own Vick’s inhaler, just in time for allergy season (the snow will melt sometime, right?).  Ray suffers from headaches, so I’ll look at their synergy, and perhaps a blend for calming and one for focus.  It will be so easy to use these with the inhalers.  I already love my roll ons, my Germ Fighter travels with me, and I rub it on my hands instead of that sanitizer junk.

So, drum roll please, what company did I go with?  Plant Therapy.  Would you like to try them?  They are having a sale right now, and the Germ Fighter oil is 40% off.  Be sure to pick up a carrier oil to use with it, as this is a hot oil.  Since we don’t use the oil constantly, I keep a dilution of 10 drops in the roller bottle, and fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil.  (I am not affiliated in any way with Plant Therapy, I am simply a happy customer.)

While I feel the EO movement is indeed a little faddish, I do find the oils effective, and am glad there is a way to use them judiciously and safely.  Do your research, and be mindful of who wrote what you are reading, and for what purpose.  For an example, I’ll direct you to a review of a book about EO….oy.  Compare this with Plant Therapy’s article about ingesting oils, or their latest caution about using peppermint and eucalyptus on children.  I won’t say they are perfect, as obviously they want to sell their their oils, and I’ve seen a few recommendations that I don’t think were thought out, just copied from elsewhere.  (Did I mention that you should do your research?!)

So, what do you think?  Have you tried oils?  What has been effective for you, and what hasn’t?  I’m not looking for sales pitches for any brand of oil, just what they have done for you.

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  1. Thanks so much for linking to my blog post — book review. Interesting to read you experience with essential oils. We are on the same page.

  2. Susan says:

    Here’s what we had back in the hippie days, before the fad/money-marketing days:

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